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Apart from onychomycosis, there are dozens zetaclear review of other diseases that can have as main or first event of deterioration in our nails. Any alteration in our nails is onychomycosis. However, there are dozens of other diseases that can have as main or first event of deterioration in our nails.

Psoriasis example displays characteristics wells and markings. Similar lesions but can display and atopic dermatitis or atopy in general (the tendency for allergies). The chronic eczema of the hands may also lead to nail dystrophy. Deepening the nails can also occur when the matrix of the nail is injured, such as during manicure. In scleroderma nails, as the fingertips, become thin and sharp in edge.

Oxygenation or pulmonary disorders may result in the nails, with the fingertips, to obtain a blue color. Also nails can take a yellow color after frequent use varnish is not removed properly or not installed underneath base. Finally, important are the pigmented lesions in the nail, which may be linear or blot format, which can range from simple warts to malignancies such as melanoma.

An important element that will make us recognize whether the harm to our nails due to infection (eg yeast) or systemic disease is whether all the nails prominent or only one or two of them. Usually in the case of onychomycosis, are infected one or both big toe of the foot and with regard to the arm, the thumbs. Sometimes it can be extended to one or two more nails but almost never will occupy all the nails.

When all nails simultaneously suffering, then it is highly unlikely that it onychomycosis and should address to the doctor for an exploration which disease or medical condition which may be concealed. For many years eating his fingernails too much. For some months I have a few nails a black shadow or something and than looked as may be fungal infection. The truth is that this has scared because I do not know about such matters. Dear friend, your topic needs to be considered.

You should visit and consult your physician. The main causes which accelerate the development of fungal infections is the increased temperature (heat), the moisture of the skin by yperydrosi, non-ventilated environment correct and incorrect maintenance of the necessary hygiene leg.

Also transmitted when walking barefoot, when using shoes and socks and other people through pedicure from manicurists practices zetaclear review. The main fungi are the Trichophyton rybrum, trichophyton mentagraphytes, trichophyton interdigitale and Epidermophyton flocussum.